Tourist apartments for rent Sottomarina Chioggia


Chioggia: A Sea Town
Chioggia, the second fishing port in Italy by its relevance, is facing the Venetian lagoon and the Adriatic Sea. The sea side Sottomarina, has a wide sandy beach, known for the rich Iodine air and the therapeutic properties of its Sand and is therefore an ideal Beach destination for the therapy of some respiratory deceases and hot sand treatment.

An Art Town
In the historic center of Chioggia it can be seen stupendous Palaces in Venetian Style and numerous churches, in Romanic , Renaissance and Baroque style. A kaleidoscope of architectonic styles, the churches are adorned with splendid pieces of arts by some of the great Masters of the Venetian School.

Fishermen’s Life
Wandering between the numerous alleys “Calli”, you can breathe the fishermen’s life; The nets set to dry, the “Squeri” where the sea going boats used for fishing the “Pesce azzurro” are repaired before going out, the small boats moored to the docks used for fishing the sea shells “Vongole Veraci” in the lagoon. All the product is sold at the two local markets: the small market, open to all, and the “Grande mercato ittico” for retailers, which exports all over Europe, and where the old secret sale “All’Orecchio” is still used.

The dikes
Chioggia port mouth is protected by two Dikes: one at Sottomarina and the other in Cà Roman. On the dikes can be seen the typical woods houses, the "balànse", used for fishing by means of a big nets hanging from harms that are temporarily immersed to catch any fish laying on them.

Sottomarina, land between the waters
Sottomarina is known for it’s wide sandy beach, but is only been a few decades that the town has the actual layout. Historically Sottomarina was protected from the sea by a majestic structure called "muràzzi", a great barrier of stone from Istria that was fencing the sea up to the last century.

The beach origination
As consequence of the deviation of the river BRENTA near Sottomarina, the sandy sediments carried by the river have created the beach, this tendency to accumulate will in the future carry the town more and more into the sea.

An expanding town
The CAPINERA RESIDENCE Apartments are situated on the Beach Front “Lungomare Adriatico”. This part of the town was, up to a few decades ago, under the sea, as the town name indicates. During the works to restructure the building, we found the remains of an historic beach resort, active in first part of the former century, at that time the sea front line.

Hidden fortifications
The town of Sottomarina is known for the great amount of military fortifications of the “SERENISSIMA REPUBBLICA” of Venice, as the SAN FELICE fort, and the subsequent military buildings of French and German periods, testified by the Coastal batteries and German Bunkers built in armored concrete between the first and second world wars.

Sites to be seen
The town offers a lot of attractions worth to be seen:

- The Saint Domenico churh on the island carring the same name, where a wooden crucifix recovered in the surrounding waters, and several works of Carpaccio can be found.

- The Duomo di Chioggia, intitle to the Virgin Mary Assumption to heaven, built in 1624 by Longena on a preexisting romanic church.

- The Saint Andrew, baroque church and its bell tower, from where the town of Chioggia and “Corso del Popolo” street can be seen, the bell-tower hosts one of the most ancient clocks in the world.

- The Vigo Bridge, an extraordinary stone structure crossing the Vene channel, main water way of Chioggia, uniting the various islands that compose the town.

- The Acqua Alta, phenomenon can be experienced in the historic center of Chioggia if the correct weather condition do present themselves, this experience can give an idea of the phenomenal adaptation of the population to the fragile environment surrounding them.

- The crossing to Venice may present fascinating opportunities to visit some of the other islands, as Pellestrina and the Venice’s Lido. Characterized by the Murazzo and having the same structural characteristic present in Sottomarina 100 years back. Venice may be reached from Chioggia by means of a boat that will give the opportunity to stop at the various islands.

- The beautiful Walk along the lagoon, where also a cycling path can be found, may provide the opportunity to observe animals in their environment while reaching Chioggia along the Lusenzo lagoon.

- Sottomarina’s Dike is the ideal place where to try line fishing, in the summer months Sea breams, Sea Bass and eels can be caught.

- In the windy days the beach in transformed in a great gathering of surfers, especially for lovers of Kite Surfing. Thanks to the peculiar shape of the beach the easterly wind “Bora” makes Sottomarina the ideal place to practice this sport.

- A curiosity of the place, are the numerous cases of peoples sharing the same name, in the past this caused the people to adopt an alternative way to identify themselves: “I Detti”; The Boscolo and the Tiozzo families carry a second family name. Every “Calle” street in the town carries a such detto, clear sign of the familier that lived there in the past.

- Between the Callies numerous statues of the Virgin can be found, as the “Madonna della Navicella” made her appearence in 1508.